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Presentations: What to consider

When a client comes to us wanting an engaging and exciting presentation, there are often many things to consider before the design process can begin. We’ve put together a list of the main points you should think about for your presentation to make sure the outcome meets all your needs!


The audience of your presentation is very important when designing and putting together a presentation. If the subject of the presentation is complex, will the audience follow the presentation easily? Will the audience be engaged by the content or do certain parts need emphasising? What is the main message of the presentation?

Letting us know who the presentation is intended for is always helpful so we can work with you to create a design that will engage and attract your intended audience.


Following on from the previous point, the content of the presentation can impact the design of your presentation a lot!

If it is a technical presentation, then the content will be more text heavy and probably include a lot of graphs and charts. This can be difficult to make interesting and engaging, but if the content is correct for the audience then your presentation will get the intended message across.

Making sure your presentation isn’t too long, whatever the subject, is a good way of ensuring the audience will stay interested and not get bored.

In contrast, less content will make more of an impact on an audience by allowing more design into the presentation. Short and bold messages can make a huge impact on the audience, so this is something to consider when putting the content together. If you want to make a big impact, less is definitely more!


We offer different types of presentations to our clients to best fit their brief, including the most popular PowerPoint presentations and Prezi presentations for people looking for something a bit different.

When considering which type of presentation you want, you need to consider where it will be presented and how much content it will have. PowerPoint and Prezi presentations are great when presenting on a large screen or projector, but if the presentation is quite lengthy, a Prezi can become quite busy and end up leaving the audience a little dizzy! PowerPoint can be easily customised to fit your brand and theme, as well as being the easiest format to share as most people have access to the software.

Finally, the set up of the screen or projector you intend on using is important for creating the presentation. Both PowerPoint and Prezi offer different sizes for the slides within the presentation, which are generally standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9). It’s worth having a think about this before we start designing, as changing the size at the end can take a bit of time.


PowerPoint comes with the option to add animation to the presentation. This can help keep the audience engaged and generally make the presentation more exciting by bringing in different elements at different times and making it seem less static. If a presentation has a lot of content, animation can be used to split this up a bit and make it easier to digest.

Prezi presentations are also animated between slides, which helps make it look more dynamic and exciting. However, adding animation to the slides themselves is quite limited with this option.

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